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The distributed trust and reputation system for businesses and individuals

About the System

Positive Credit is a distributed trust and reputation system for businesses and individuals, based on a history of actions recorded to the blockchain. Businesses can use Positive Credit to grant access to others to enable them to read lists of verified transactions from the blockchain to prove reputation, trustworthiness, and creditworthiness.

How it works

Joe’s Bakery records: “We bought $50,000 worth of commercial ovens.”
Honest Ovens records: “We sold Joe’s bakery $50,000 of commercial ovens.”
The blockchain records all transaction history.
Positive Credit provides a global business credit profile and transaction analytics, enabling fair and easy access to credit.

Key Benefits

  • Credit risk mitigation
  • Secure global credit recording system
  • Reputation by consensus. Parties testifying to transactions have their own reputations
  • Right way risk. “Good” counterparties who would prefer to have their records known

Positive Credit Provides

Positive Credit Profile

A decentralized credit profile for your business focused on your business’s creditworthiness and trustworthiness.

Your business’s Positive Credit profile may be used to:

  • Creditworthiness

    Prove creditworthiness in a lending transaction to obtain a loan or bond.
  • Trustworthiness

    Prove trustworthiness or execution capability to new business partners.

Data Ownership

  • Your owns profile

    Your business owns its Positive Credit profile.
  • No third party

    Your profile is not owned by a third party


Your business’s Positive Credit profile is portable to any country or geographic region. Use it in the United States, EU, APAC, and beyond.

Privacy & Security

Your business chooses who can view selected parts of your profile and transaction history (sliceable by key factors like time ranges and transaction domains).

Advanced Analytics

ML-based algorithms compute a Positive Credit Score for a specific transaction domain, Positive Credit Risk Assessment for a given transaction, and more.


With your Positive Credit profile, your business can attest to transactions you’re involved in (as a buyer, seller, or as a consultant such as a broker or attorney) from your own perspective.


Because profiles are composed of transaction histories and transaction metadata provided by all businesses in the Positive Credit network, each profile leverages the power of the network to ensure accuracy and mitigate risk from bad actors.

Why Positive Credit?

  • A business wants to prove it is creditworthy to a new vendor or supplier.
  • A vendor wants to record which of its customers pay regularly and which do not, to share with other partners.
  • A business wants to enter a new territory or market, and wants to use its reputation or history in other markets to establish credit or trustworthiness in the new market.
  • A vendor wants to validate that a new customer is creditworthy.
  • A consumer wants to access lending products after moving to a new country.
  • A lender wants a global, comprehensive credit profile of a business or consumer.